y to me until my fellow-passengers fell to ▓pulling them down one by one and ●spreading their beds on them.I a●lone, of all the multitude, was unsupp●lied with bedding; even the lean●, gaunt Bedouins, dressed in tattered fi▓lth, had each a roll of ragg▓ed bla
nkets in which, their evening pray●ers and salaams
s and lay down ▓together in a place apart.This di
nes are● sharp drawn in the Orient and, when I ▓stretched out on a bare grati●ng, the entire throng was huddled in a do▓zen isolated bands, each barricaded by t▓he sturdiest males. Morning b●roke bright and clear.Far off to star●board rose the snow-capped range of the Leba▓non; but we were bearing northwa▓rd no
w, and several hours did not● bring us perceptibly
nearer the coast.The ti▓me was close at hand when I must learn▓ something of the modes of tr
avel in Asi●a Minor, though, to tell the tr
uth, I had sma●ll hope of landing, for pa
ssports were reporte●d indispensable in this mysterious land of the ●Turk.I strolled anxiously abo
conversation wi●th the ulterior motive of “p●umping” them.A few stories of the highways of ●Europe amused the party greatly.Casu▓ally I annointer●preted statement evoked loud sh▓outs
of incredulity, not unmixed with deri●sion. “What!” cried one of the French●-speaking Turks, waving a flabby ●hand towards the snow banks ▓that covered the wa ll-like Lebanon range,● “Go to Damascus on foot! Pas po▓ssible.You would be buried in ▓the snow.This country is not like Europe! T●here are thousands of murderous Bedouins betwee●n here and Damascus who would ▓glory in cutting the throat of a d▓og of an unbeliever! Why, I have lived years ●in
Beirut, and no man of my acqua●intan
ce, native or Frank, woul●d ever undertake such a
journey ●on foot.” 109“And you wou●ld lose your way and die in the snow,” put i●n the other.All thro
ugh the mornin●g the pair were kept busy inte●rp
reting the opinion of the group on th▓e absolutely unsurmountable obst▓acles against such an und
ertaki●ng.It was the first version of a sto●ry tha
urneyings in the Orient.But it wa●s a new t
ale then, told with an unoriental v●ehemence, a


he salesman.The offi●cer heaved a sigh of relief when I hand●ed him without protest th


e five piastres demand●ed, and I passed on, still wo▓ndering why I had been taxe


d.The paper wa●s in French as well as Turkish and informed m●e that I had paid f

autem vel eum

or disinfection. ● Some time after the last man had pa●id his fee—the female

autem vel eum

passengers had mys▓teriously disappeared—a second do●or swung open, an official


folded our pa●pers, tore a round hole in them, and we en●tered a room containing seve

Proin tempus lacus at egestas vitae

ral lon●g tables.An unwashed and officious Arab handed● to each of us a garment not un

Maecenas quis lacus scelerisque

▓like a scanty nightshirt, and ordered ●us to strip.When our wardrobes had been laid o

Vestibulum lobortis velit congue at

●ut on the tables in separate ●heaps, a half-dozen ragged urchin▓s appeared, rolled e

Etiam in dolor sed purus diam risus

ach heap ●into a bundle, and disappeared▓ through a tight-fitting steel door.Disinfec?/p>

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駎ing a Frank was, evidently, a new p●roblem in the Lazeret of Beir●ut.An urchin stare

d at my clothi●ng, bawled something to the ▓unwashed official, and passed me by.The● officer picked my garments up one by one ▓with a puzzled air, handed me ▓my sweater and suspenders, as ▓if he did not feel

that such myster▓ious articles could be rated as clot●hing, and sped away with the res●t. A long hour passed.The nightshirts▓ lent their wearers neither dignity nor mod●esty.My own had been designed for the

● smallest of Arabs and did a white● man meager service, but the jabbering na▓tives would not have been in the least dist▓urbed if their wardrobe had been reduced to ●the fig leaf of notorious past.The steel d

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voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

r ▓opened.We filed into the next room and found● our disinfected bundles arrayed on more ?/p>

voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

ong tables and steaming like newly-boiled● cabbages.As rapidly as the g▓arments cooled, I


voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

tired mysel●f and turned out upon a tiny square before the L▓azeret.Suddenly there rang ou


voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

a cry for pass●ports.An icy bubble ran up and down my s●pine, but I stepped boldly forward


voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

n▓d thrust my letter of introduction into ▓the face of a diminutive, wh▓ite-haired office


voluptate velit esse quam pariatur

at the gate.He re●ceived it gingerly, as if expecting it ▓to explode in his hands, turned


it ▓up sidewise, upside down, side●wise once more, and, certain that h

consequatur aut perferendis

e▓ had found its proper position, began to run▓ his finger up and down the li●nes, mumbling to himself and shaking ●his head sagely from side to side.● Slowly he turned, eyed me s▓uspiciousl

y, and after several preliminary● gurgles, wheezed: “Paseeporto ▓Pase

consequatur aut perferendis

eporto” “Sure, it’▓s a passeporto!” I replied, nodding my head vi●gorously.The officer glanced f●rom the paper to my face and back at the pape▓r several times, plainly as helpless● bef

ore a problem for which he knew no preceden●t as a child.The doctor who

consequatur aut perferendis

h▓ad made out our disinfection 111slips▓ stepped out into the square, and the o▓fficer, knowing that he read and spoke Fren●ch, rushed upon him.The good leech could● hold the letter right si

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ing a land where● my plans

de up, but he knew● no more of its contents than the man who had r●ead it sidewise.He turned to ply me with ▓questions.I assured him that American passpor▓ts were just such simple things, and he acc●epted my asser

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ver night by the police a▓nd returned to the owner’s consulate in the● morning—and w

  • mighty cascade of Orientals, m●ale and female, large and small, d●
  • irty and half dirty, pushing, ▓kicking, scratching, and bit●ing each o
  • ther with utter disregard of ▓color, sex, or social standing, ▓and hop
  • 4978 Diamond Circle elessly entangled with
  • bundles o▓f ever
  • (012) 123-456-78y conceiva09h-17h

aved his hand as a sign of dism●issal. Darkness had

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